Three Reasons To Check Out A VIP Tailgate During The Preseason

15 July 2019
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For many professional football fans, the preseason isn't something for which to get overly excited. Once the season begins in earnest is the time to really start cheering on your team. You may indeed have this mindset, but that doesn't mean that you can't check out your favorite team in person. If you're planning to attend a preseason game, think about boosting the fun factor by buying a ticket for a VIP tailgate event at the stadium. Read More 

Should You Let Your Teen Play Mobile Poker?

17 June 2019
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Teens are notoriously difficult to entertain. Parents are always looking for ways to keep their teens engaged and occupied when on a family road trip or waiting for an appointment. One option you might not have considered is mobile poker. Poker games that can be played through mobile apps can do far more than just entertain your teen. Playing poker actually has some surprising benefits that can help improve your teen's success in the future. Read More 

The Art Of Getting AV Rentals

16 May 2019
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AV rentals can be essential to a wide range of events and presentations. You don't always want to keep equipment around, especially if you're going to be dealing with changing needs. Likewise, it's good to know you can scale up or down to your function's requirements. To get the most out of your efforts, here are some tips for dealing with an AV service provider. Don't Just Hand Them a List Read More 

The Party Line in Ibiza: Where to Find The Hottest Club Scenes & Parties

11 April 2019
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Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean, just off of the southeast coast of Spain. It is the third largest Spanish island in that area. With the last few decades, it has become one of the hottest islands for young tourists to visit because of its many nightclubs, original techno dance music scene, and parties everywhere, every night. If you love this lifestyle, and you love the views of the beautiful blue sea all day, then this should be on your bucket list for places to go and things to do. Read More 

Tips For Throwing An Awesome Casino Bachelor Party

22 February 2019
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If a friend of yours is about to get married and you've been tasked with planning the bachelor party, you have some work ahead of you! Hosting the party at a casino is a great choice if the groom-to-be loves to gamble. However, there are a few tips you'll need to follow to ensure this type of bachelor party goes off without a hitch. 1. Include some non-gambling activities. Chances are, there are some friends of the groom who are not interested in gambling or would prefer not to gamble. Read More