Three Things To Rent For Your New Year’s House Party

21 November 2018
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A house party is a way that many people enjoy celebrating New Year's Eve. If you've been to some memorable house parties for this occasion on other years and are ready to plan your own domestic gathering, you can never be too prepared. You'll want to start getting ready for the party a few weeks in advance so that you have all of your bases covered. While you'll likely be using a lot of your possessions for the party, don't hesitate to also pursue renting some things that will make your life easier. Read More 

Life Skills That Children Can Develop From Playing Miniatures Games

1 October 2018
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Many children express an interest in playing miniatures games, perhaps after learning about such pastimes from friends at school or online forums. There are many different styles of miniatures games, but they generally have some manner of war or fantasy theme, and players will often paint their own figures and then get together with likeminded friends to compete. Even if there's a large part of you that doesn't remotely understand this interest of your child, it's important for you to know that playing miniatures games can help your son or daughter to develop many life skills, including the following. Read More 

Plan A Golf-Themed Party For Your Child And Their Friends

4 August 2018
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If your school-aged child will be having a golf-themed birthday party this year, which involves playing a round or two of golf at a miniature golf course, add fine details to the party that are reminiscent of golfing, including homemade invitations, gift items, and appetizers. Create Golf-Styled Invitations Pick up some golf scorecards from a standard golf course or the miniature golf course that the party will be held at and use one of them as a decorative feature for each invitation. Read More