Plan A Golf-Themed Party For Your Child And Their Friends

4 August 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If your school-aged child will be having a golf-themed birthday party this year, which involves playing a round or two of golf at a miniature golf course, add fine details to the party that are reminiscent of golfing, including homemade invitations, gift items, and appetizers.

Create Golf-Styled Invitations

Pick up some golf scorecards from a standard golf course or the miniature golf course that the party will be held at and use one of them as a decorative feature for each invitation.

Glue the cards to green-colored cardstock. Use craft paint and a fine-tipped paintbrush to create a golf hole, flag, and golf cart on each invitation's green background. The final result will resemble a golf green. Use a metallic or dark-colored marker to fill in the details pertaining to the party. Mail the invitations to the invitees or give them to your child's school teacher so that they can hand them out. 

Prepare Gift Items

Purchase some solid color visors, cotton shirts, and fabric paint. Use the fabric paint to write the name of each child across the front of a visor and the front of a shirt. Add additional details to the visors and shirts that are symbolic of golf. Use multiple colors of fabric paint to create pictures of golf balls, golf clubs, putting greens, or flags.

When the guests arrive for the party, give them their visors and shirts and ask everyone to wear the items during the miniature golf competition. After the golf game is over, ask everyone to stand in front of one of the holes on the course and take several pictures of the group.

After getting the pictures developed, order enough copies of the photographs so that your child can give one of the copies to each kid who attended the birthday party.

Make Some Appetizers

Create puffed pastry circles and use white icing to coat the outside of each baked good. Use a slightly darker color of icing to create small circles across the surface of each pastry. The circles will resemble the dimples that you would find on a real golf ball.

Bake a large, thin brownie in a sheet pan. After the brownie has cooled, cut it into flag shapes. The shapes should be similar to the shapes of the flags that you would see on a golf course. 

Use bright-colored icing and sprinkles to decorate each brownie flag. Write the words 'Hole In One' or 'Golf Champion' across each brownie flag. After the golf game, invite the children to sample the baked items. For more information, contact a company like Bonanza Golf and Gifts.