Three Things To Rent For Your New Year's House Party

21 November 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


A house party is a way that many people enjoy celebrating New Year's Eve. If you've been to some memorable house parties for this occasion on other years and are ready to plan your own domestic gathering, you can never be too prepared. You'll want to start getting ready for the party a few weeks in advance so that you have all of your bases covered. While you'll likely be using a lot of your possessions for the party, don't hesitate to also pursue renting some things that will make your life easier. Here are three specific things that you can and should rent.

Dishes And Glasses

Even if you're only having a small New Year's Eve gathering in your home, you don't want to be saddled with washing dishes for an extended period of time when you get up on January 1. Disposable plates and glasses may be an option, but this idea isn't overly environmentally friendly, nor is it very fancy. A better idea is to rent plates, glasses, cutlery, and any other similar items that you'll need for the gathering. You'll pick up what you need in advance, and then you can bundle up the dirty items and take them back to the rental service later on.


While there are certain New Year's Eve party decorations that you'll want to buy, you should also look for those that you can rent. Renting is a perfect idea for this type of gathering, as you can get a number of items that you wouldn't likely wish to buy, but that will be ideal for making your party festive and memorable. Lights and a mirror ball can be fun to buy if you want people to dance at your party, while a tank of helium to inflate a bunch of New Year's Eve balloons can also be ideal.


For many people planning house parties for New Year's Eve, one of the featured attractions may be watching a major network's coverage of the celebration. If you have a smaller TV, it may be less than ideal to have your group crowd around the screen to follow the proceedings. Your party can be a perfect time to rent some useful electronics — namely, a projector and a large screen that you can set up, as well as a sound system that can bring the televised festivities to life for your party.

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