Three Party Venues Where You Will Have To Rent Tables And Chairs For Your Party

8 August 2016
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When planning a party, many people tend to think food, decorations, games, music and/or entertainment. They tend to overlook places to sit and tables on which to place food. Before you get started on planning your own party, find out if you need to rent tables and chairs. Here are some party venues where you will definitely need to bring your own tables and chairs and renting them is your best option.

Party in the Park

Lots of weddings, birthday parties and graduation parties are held in the parks in the spring and summer months because cities rent the pavillions so cheaply. The downside to this wonderfully outdoorsy venue is that you have to supply your own tables and chairs. Not too many picnic tables are available for your use, and it generally is not very polite to hog all of the picnic tables in the park. When you rent your tables and chairs, you can also have them delivered and set up for your little party area in the park.

Bash on the Beach

Even if you can find a private stretch of beach, tables and chairs are not items you can find tucked into a nearby sea cave, to be sure. As beautiful as a wedding on the beach is, the bridal party is not going to want to sit in the sand in their dressy and expensive outfits (unless, of course, you all wear swimsuits or shorts instead of fancy wedding clothes). Likewise, your guests are probably not going to want to form rows sitting in the sand, nor are your caterers going to set the food in trays on the sand. Because it will be difficult to set up for a beach wedding or party in advance without knowing what the tides will do, you will need to reserve your tables and chairs for the date of your bash, and then have someone set up on the morning of the event.

Home Turf Hullabaloo

Parties at home in the backyard are one way of cutting event costs and venue costs, but you will still need to rent tables and chairs. The convenient part of choosing your yard as the party venue is that you can set up the tables and chairs the night before the event and then you only need to dress the tables with tablecloths, napkins and centerpieces the next day. The inconvenient part is trying to figure out how many tables and chair sets you can fit into your yard. After you have taken measurements of the available space in your yard, ask an agent at a rental store, like Party People Rentals & Sales for example, to help you figure out what you need and what will fit.