Fundraisers That Can Help Your Local Swim Club

16 August 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If your son or daughter is involved in the local swim club, either during the summer months or throughout of the year, you want to be sure that the club is alive and thriving. One way that you can contribute, other than encouraging your child's friends to also join up, is to meet with the club's management and suggest a few fundraisers. These events can help to earn funds for the club, as well as raise awareness of its important role in the community. Here are some simple fundraisers that can benefit the club.


A swim-a-thon event is perfectly suited to a swim club, given the level of endurance of its members. In this fundraisers, swimmers canvass their neighborhoods and seek sponsors who will provide a monetary incentive for each lap that is swum during the event, which may take place for two hours. Generally, a potential donor will ask the child how many laps he or she expects to swim, and then make a pledge per lap. For example, if the young swimmer thinks that he or she will manage 50 laps in two hours, the donor may pledge 50 cents per lap, for a total donation of $25. The swimmer follows up with the donor afterward to collect the money, which could be a little more or a little less, depending on how many laps that swimmer actually achieves.

Healthy Food Drive

Healthy eating is something that is important for young swimmers, and a healthy food drive can be an effective fundraiser — but with a twist. Swimmers will circulate through the neighborhood or, with permission, set up booths outside local grocery stores. The premise is that people will donate healthy, non-perishable food items — canned vegetables, whole-grain pasta, etc., that the swim club can then donate to a local charity. This donation will earn a charitable receipt, which the club can use as a deductible to save money at tax time.

Summer Pool Party

If the swim club has an outdoor pool, which is common at many aquatic centers, a summer pool party can be an effective way to raise money. Organize swimming-related games, seek donations from local food providers and maybe even consider having a live band playing. People from the community can pay a fee for tickets, giving them a chance to enjoy the games, do some swimming and also know that they're supporting a worthwhile cause in the city.