Should You Let Your Teen Play Mobile Poker?

17 June 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Teens are notoriously difficult to entertain. Parents are always looking for ways to keep their teens engaged and occupied when on a family road trip or waiting for an appointment. One option you might not have considered is mobile poker.

Poker games that can be played through mobile apps can do far more than just entertain your teen. Playing poker actually has some surprising benefits that can help improve your teen's success in the future.

Money Management

Learning to manage money effectively is a skill that can have a direct impact on your teen's life. Poker can be a great tool to help your teen begin to learn how to budget money and spend wisely. Mobile apps provide players with an initial amount of currency.

Your teen will need to make wise choices about placing bets or spending the currency on multiple games. When the currency runs out, players must wait for a period of time before it replenishes. This can teach your teen patience and the value of money management in a fun and positive way.


The ability to weigh all options and make a decision is a skill that will prove useful throughout your teen's life. Each time he or she is dealt a hand in a mobile poker game, decisions will need to be made. The addition of a wager makes each decision more meaningful.

Your teen will be able to experience what it feels like to make important decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions in a safe and low-impact way when playing mobile poker.

Emotional Maturity

It's important that your teen is able to regulate his or her emotions on a daily basis. Being able to feel many different emotions in a short period of time without acting out is a sign of emotional maturity. Participation in mobile poker games can help your teen strengthen his or her emotional maturity. 

Each poker game is filled with highs and lows. How your teen responds to these ebbs and flows can have a direct impact on the outcome of the game. By allowing your teen the opportunity to experience the joy of winning and the feeling of a loss through mobile poker, you can contribute to his or her emotional growth.

The next time your teen says that he or she is bored, download a poker app onto his or her phone. Poker games can keep your teen entertained while helping him or her develop useful life skills for the future.

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