Three Reasons To Check Out A VIP Tailgate During The Preseason

15 July 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


For many professional football fans, the preseason isn't something for which to get overly excited. Once the season begins in earnest is the time to really start cheering on your team. You may indeed have this mindset, but that doesn't mean that you can't check out your favorite team in person. If you're planning to attend a preseason game, think about boosting the fun factor by buying a ticket for a VIP tailgate event at the stadium. If you've never partaken in this type of event, you'll quickly find that it's far beyond a standard fan-organized tailgating gathering. Here are some reasons to experience VIP tailgating during the preseason.

It's More Affordable

Teams know that their preseason games aren't as big of a draw for fans, which is why tickets to these contests are typically lower priced than tickets to games once the regular season kicks off. The same premise is true for VIP tailgating during the preseason. Regardless of what your team charges for these events during the regular season, you can expect to pay less during the preseason. Going to a professional football game has a variety of costs, so finding a way to reduce what you spend is always a good idea.

The Weather Can Be Better

A lot of professional football teams are location in climates that have harsh winters, making tailgating more challenging deep into the season. Preseason tailgating parties are often ideal because the weather is more favorable. In many cities, being outside in late August is better than being outside in November, for example. While VIP tailgating often takes place indoors and outdoors, better weather can help you to enjoy the outdoor portion of the event a significant amount more.

Smaller Crowds

Preseason games often have smaller crowds than those during the regular season, and you may noticing that VIP tailgating events follow a similar pattern. While a large crowd during a tailgating event can definitely be fun, there's a lot of value to a crowd that is slightly smaller, too. For example, you'll be able to get your refreshments faster without having to stand in longer lines. And, when ex-players or other notable figures drop past the event, it will be easier to get a photo and an autograph if the crowds are lighter. Don't shy away from giving VIP tailgating in the preseason a chance, given each of these desirable attributes.