Why You Should Always Get Skirting For Your Portable Stage

26 November 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


When you're looking for a portable stage to rent, you'll want to assess the dimensions of the available stages to ensure that you get one of an appropriate size. There are several other things that you should be thinking about, too, including getting a stage skirt. A stage skirt is a section of fabric that mounts to the edge of the stage and hangs down to the ground. These skirts are commonly black, but you may occasionally find them in different colors. It's possible that the stage skirt will be included in your portable stage rental quote. If not, make sure that you add one to your order. It will be useful for the following reasons.

A Professional Appearance

There's little doubt that a black stage skirt will dramatically improve the look of your portable stage and give it more of a professional appearance. Regardless of the type of event that you're planning for the stage, you want your audience to be focused on it — and not on various elements of the stage, such as its wheels or its support beams. A black stage skirt will help to make the lower part of the stage essentially disappear, ensuring that your audience members direct their attention to what's happening on the stage.

Help With Storage

Regardless of the type of event that you're hosting on the stage, it often makes sense to store extra gear and other supplies beneath the stage. Doing so helps to keep the stage itself and the area around the stage tidy. Without a stage skirt, any supplies that you store under the stage will be in plain sight to your audience. Fortunately, the addition of the skirt will hide everything under the stage.

Use As A Dramatic Device

The presence of your stage skirt gives you the ability to get creative with your on-stage production by having a character hide beneath the stage — with the skirt keeping him or her out of sight to the crowd — and then make an appearance at the right time. For example, if you're putting on a play for local children, the storyline might include a monster or some other creature. Rather than have the actor who plays this creature emerge onto the stage from the back, it can be a scary and fun scene to have the creature come out from under the stage — right in front of where the audience is seated.

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