5 Ways to Find the Best Movies or TV Shows on a Streaming Service

30 December 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


The advent of movie streaming has probably made your life much easier. Gone are the days of running to the movie store or the nearest DVD receptacle. Now, from the comfort of your couch, you can browse movies and hopefully find just what you are looking for. Sounds great! But in reality, finding the best TV shows on Netflix or another streaming platform can be tricky; there are so many titles to choose from.

Here are five tips to help you find the best movies or TV shows available on your streaming service. 

1. Look at the Front Page 

Many streaming services feature a front page where they highlight some of the most popular, most critically acclaimed, or newest options available to stream. Each service uses slightly different criteria for what shows up on the front page, and lots of streaming services also offer a 'recommended for you' section where shows that are similar to others you have already streamed show up. Take advantage of what the streaming service is offering up to you on the front page. 

2. Look at User Ratings 

Some streaming services show you what other viewers are rating different movies or TV shows. Even if there isn't a way to see user ratings on the service itself, a quick search online will bring up top-rated shows on your platform. 

3. Look up Lists 

On the same track, there are lists of the best movies or TV shows on Netflix of other streaming platforms available online. You can even look up an updated list for each month since streaming platforms frequently change their offerings. You can even find lists refined by genre or trope, like 'best rom-coms' or 'best shows with a female lead.' 

4. Ask Friends

If your friends have your same streaming platform, you can always ask for recommendations. Send out a plea on social media, and people will usually respond with the best shows you can find on Netflix or other streaming services. 

5. Search for a Specific Movie

When all else fails, you can always look for a specific movie or show to see if it's available on the streaming service. You can look up an old favorite or branch out by looking at the most popular newer titles online. You can look at a movie rating site to get ideas and see what other people love; when you find a title that seems right to you, just type it in and see if you can stream it.