Why You Should Choose A Birthday Yard Sign Made Of Individual Letters

19 March 2021
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When you think about ordering a yard sign for a family member's birthday, you might picture a rectangular sign that is fairly small in size — for example, something that is comparable to a real estate sign. It's useful to know that a local service that rents out these signs has all sorts of designs available. One option is to choose a design in which each sign is its own letter. You can order the letters that spell "Happy Birthday," as well as letters that spell the person's first name. These letter signs are available in many styles, but they're typically large and colorful. Here's why you should choose this type of birthday greeting.

It Will Fill Much Of The Yard

Perhaps the most exciting thing about ordering a bunch of letter signs is that they'll fill much of the yard. Instead of just one smallish sign appearing somewhere in the yard, the letter signs can go all over. There will be a lot of these signs — the phrase "Happy Birthday" will be made up of 13 individual signs because there are 13 letters in this phrase. If you add more letters to spell the person's name, you might easily have close to 20 signs. Together, this large number of signs will fill the yard and create a festive feel.

It Will Be Easy To Read

Another reason to choose letter signs to celebrate a loved one's birthday is that they'll be easy to read from afar. This can especially be important if your home is a considerable distance from the road. The last thing that you'd want is for your family member to look out their window and see a small sign but not be able to clearly read it. With a large number of letter signs that spell out a cheerful birthday greeting, the message will be easy to read.

It Makes For A Fun Photo Op

You'll often want to take a photo of the person who is celebrating a birthday with their yard sign — both to share on social media and to keep in your collection of family photos to enjoy in the future. There's little doubt that individual letter signs will make for a better photo op than a small sign. For example, if you're ordering these signs for a child, you might have them stand among the signs. This photo will look fun because the letters may be as tall as the child's waist.

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