3 Interesting Film Soundtracks For Your Horror Vinyl Collections

23 June 2021
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Vinyl records have sentimental value, and if you're a collector, this is the best time to improve your vinyl records collection. Vinyls have made a huge comeback, and you can now snatch that record you always wanted. One music genre that most collectors overlook is horror film music. This is music that plays into the most primal emotions, such as fear. The best soundtracks in horror vinyl collections create a tense and anxiety-inducing atmosphere that makes horror films successful.

If you love horror movies, check out the following outstanding soundtracks you can add to your vinyl collection.

1. Bliss Soundtrack

Bliss is a bloody vampire movie written and directed by Joe Begos. It takes viewers into the dark world of art when an artist takes a hallucinogenic drug to overcome a creative block. The score by Steve Moore's score perfectly presents the pulsating energy required for the fast-paced horror action.

The emotions swing from calm and contemplative melodies and guitar leads to pulsing, panic-inducing freneticism of tracks such as "The Bite". As the artist's moods swing, so do the electronic sounds in the soundtrack.

2. Hellbound: Hellraiser II Soundtrack

If you love horror movies, then you likely have an idea about Clive Barker's classic; Hellraiser. For the sequel, Christopher Young, the composer, takes things further from the original film to create fear at a grand scale.

 The Hellbound soundtrack enhances the visuals and the mood of the film. It's a rollercoaster of emotions from Hellbound, Second Sight Séance, and Hall of Mirrors to Love Scene. The genius in the composition leaves you yearning for more, and with every gripping action in the film, you can't help but note how aptly the music fits.

3. The Exorcist Soundtrack

The Exorcist is a classic in the horror genre. Most horror fans easily recognize the main soundtrack, Tubular Bells, originally written by Mike Oldfield. However, the British orchestra worked the score to give the film more intensity.

As the violins rise in cacophony, so does the intensity in the film and this grips you and fixates you on the screen. This is literally music from hell with the violins perfectly played to reflect the terrible actions on the screen. At one point, the orchestra plucked guitar strings, and this provided for the most unsettling sounds you'll ever hear in a movie soundtrack.

Vinyl records are back with a bang, which is a delight for music lovers. Horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections are valuable because they represent art at its best for one of the most interesting film genres.

Add these soundtracks to your horror vinyl collections, and you'll always have something gripping to listen to.