5 Reasons An Inflatable Water Slide Rental Is Great For A Child's Summertime Birthday Party

13 July 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you are looking for summertime birthday party ideas for children, consider inflatable water slide rentals. Rent an inflatable water slide (or several), a pavilion-type party tent, and a portable toilet, if necessary. Here are five reasons that make inflatable water slide rentals ideal for a child's summertime birthday party. 

Enjoyed By Children of All Ages

Inflatable water slide rentals are enjoyed by children of all ages, including adults who are children-at-heart. However, you'll want to be sure the water slide you rent is suitable for the various weight and height requirements of your guests and their older siblings and parents. The reason for this is in case a child prefers to be accompanied by someone older to help them navigate the slide.

Waterslides Are Not Hot to the Touch

One thing about bounce houses and castles that may be problematic for some children who have sensory issues is that they can be hot to the touch. Fortunately, water naturally cools the material of the slide which will help prevent the risk of a child with sensory issues from refusing to partake in the fun and adventure. 

They Don't Take Up Too Much Space

While inflatable water slides come in many shapes and sizes, they generally don't take up too much space. If your space for a water slide is limited, you should be able to easily find one that will be suitable and provide the entertainment you need for the birthday party. 

Different Types to Choose From

There are many different types of water slides to choose from. You can select one that can be used either with water or without water (wet or dry) or a water slide that allows for competitive races. If the weather and temperature for the special day may be iffy, such as is typically the case at the very beginning or end of the summer, you can choose an inflatable that can be used without any water at all and make that decision at the last moment, if necessary. 

Ability to Combine with Other Inflatables

If there is enough space for more than one inflatable, consider renting another one or more to have more entertainment for the children. This is particularly helpful advice for parties to which families are invited. That way, guests who are siblings can enjoy different inflatables so there is a lower chance of them bothering each other and putting a damper on your child's birthday party fun. 

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